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The Issue Dealer is an application for managing information. It is currently used by organizations and individuals to manage day-to-day tasks and information.

The Issue Dealer features issue management (information and tasks), relations (to relate issues) and different publishers; to see one of the publishers in action, go to Morphex's blogologue.

It can be used as an Issue Tracker, tracking issues of various types, for example problem, goal, idea, info. It can also be used to manage information, either as raw text, as HTML with for example images or as files; these information issues can then be published to websites (using WebDAV), or to weblogs (either an Issue Dealer weblog, or an external one that supports the metaWeblog API). Read more on how it works.

And in case you're wondering.. it scales well. It can easily handle thousands of issues on commodity hardware, without any tweaking. Think of it as .. an easily manageable wiki, combined with an issue tracker. It's great for detailed, but organized control.

Getting in touch

If you have questions or just want to discuss the issue dealer as a user, send me an email - morphex AT gmail.


Issue Dealer now available on PyPi!

Downloads available for the Issue Dealer:

If you're on a UNIX platform, see the following Zope 2 + IssueDealer install recipe.

Issue Dealer

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