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Change history for the Issue Dealer

0.9.133- (2015-02-12)

- Various fixes to make IssueDealer work.

0.9.132 (2015-02-12)

- Making the IssueDealer Zope 2.13.22 compatible.

- Fixing bug where atom feed failed.

- Fixing bug where creating an IssueDealer instance failed.

- Updated readme.

- Updated copyright time.

0.9.131 (2012-08-22)

- Fixing bug where KeyError was raised under update_catalog

- Fixing bug where AttributeError was raised under update_catalog

- Fixing hyperlinking of URLs in text issues, adding $ as part of a
valid URL

- Disabling advanced search

0.9.130 (2012-08-22)

- Re-enabling various issue formats
- Sorting issues in weblog atom feed based on modification date
- Adding try-except for enclosures in atom feed
- Escaping HTML entities in weblog for atom feed


- Repackaging as an egg for dependant packages
- Fixing CatalogAware imports
- Making use of ZCTextIndex instead of TextIndex
- Adding stub utilities.hyperlink_urls method
- Added separate tools to hide/display issue info
- Disabled changing issue format (conversion tools broken)
- Disabled HTML editing (editor broken)


  - Experimenting with various changes
  - Implemented lightweight application framework


  - Added method for generating nonces
  - Added experimental search interface


  - Fixed bug where verification of email wouldn't work
  - Fixing up on Epoz


  - Fixed bug where searching for the word "zope"
    would return all issues.
  - Adding count for contained action issues in
    calendar listings
  - Making IssueDealerEpoz forwards compatible,
    with Zope 2.11
  - Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to add
    multiple issues
  - Fixed render_owner bug in session index


  - Added issue past due date to notification email
  - Added documentation on how to setup notifications
  - Implemented past due date listing of events


  - Fixed bug where search_string wasn't found (due to
    double ??)
  - Fixed bug where some URLs included in a text were
    not detected properly


  - Changed things around so that issues can have
    multiple owners
  - Implemented support for setting owner on incoming
    mail issues


  - Added support for removing and adding tags to
    multiple issues at once.
  - Fixed bug where mail messages going through
    verification lost their from info.


  - Added support for tagging incoming issues through
    the mail handler.


  - Added ability to reschedule events directly in the
    calendar view


  - Implemented filter for viewing owned/unowned issues
    on the calendar view
  - Made calendar view remember the date range viewed
    when changing display preferences


  - Fixed bug where transforming the format of
    non-action issues would raise a KeyError


  - Fixed bug where regular (non-action) issues would
    pop-up a message about non-existing calendars


  - Added calendar selection widget for due dates
  - Fixed bug where due with either hour or minute
    set to 0 would remove all time/hour information


  - Making upgrades from "very old" versions of
    the Issue Dealer possible
  - Removed try/except in catalog_update so that
    we can get told what's wrong
  - Implemented calendar view (for action items with due date)


  - Cleaning up print statements
  - Fixed RDF bug on filter listing
  - Implemented full support for tags
  - Fixed bug where users couldn't validate their email


  - Updated copyright period on footer
  - Added tag support to issues
  - Fixed bug where HTML mail messages were stored
    without to/cc
  - Added cleaning of incoming HTML messages
  - Overriding AbstractFormatter to format 
tags properly in text - Added feedparser for paranoid cleaning of HTML - Implemented spam protection scheme for mail handler 0.9.111: - Minor fixes for escaping HTML content in the mail handler - Implemented threading support for mail handling - Implemented skipping of sending of messages to recipients already on To/Cc 0.9.110: - Made the Issue Dealer work with non-standard product locations - Implemented mail gateway (mailing list/mail archive interface) 0.9.109: - Removed the undefined issue type, replacing it with info - Fixed bug where update_catalog would choke on images without callable ids. 0.9.108: - Added ability to strip