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Readme for the Issue Dealer

What is it?

  The Issue Dealer is a tool for managing issues, currently
  it focuses on the information in, and structuring of, issues.

  It can be used as a generic issue tracker, a knowledge management
  tool, a weblog or an outliner.

Why have you created it?

  We (Nidelven IT) needed a tool that could help organize and share
  information.  It started as a basic 'folder and document' archive on
  Morten's computer, now it's evolving into an advanced (but simple to
  use!) information management and distribution system.

Why is it free?

  We give it away for free because you get to try it out, and
  then if you need customizing or hosting of it, that's where
  we can offer you a service.

  We'd like to start a community around this application eventually,
  so if you think this is an interesting application, get in touch and
  maybe we can do something together.

How are you developing it?

  We're developing this tool 'as we go' and will be adding to it as we
  figure out what's needed and what's simple; we're not using a specific
  development process on it yet, we'll start using XP when others find
  it interesting and join in on the development.

What happens next?

  The focus for the 1.0 release is to make the application manage
  information, the focus for the 2.0 release is (for now) to make the
  application handle contacts and processes.

What are the main features?

  The main features of the Issue Dealer are:

    Issue Tracking

      - Tracks issues which can be of the type goal, idea, info,
        problem, question and undefined

      - Can notify users of new issues or changes to issues assigned
        to them

    Information management

      - Enables structuring and searching of data

      - Advanced search, with saved searches (filters)


      - A weblog publisher

        - Can publish issues to other weblogs

      - A local weblog publisher

        - Acts as a weblog server

        - Supports Atom-enabled clients

        - Enables many forms of subscriptions, through RSS and Atom as
          well as email

      - WebDAV publisher

        - Can publish issues along with their images to WebDAV-enabled

      - FAQ publisher

        - Generates FAQs based on questions and solutions

      - Category publisher

        - Publishes issues as categories; these categories can in turn
          be used in feedback forms on websites, as the publisher
          accepts incoming issues as well

      - Tree publisher

        - Publishes and issues and its contents to a given URL as a
          static page

    Advanced HTML/CSS interface

      - Many different views of issues in simple interfaces making the
        issues easy to work with

      - WYSIWYG editing with support for images

Issue Dealer

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